Hang a Star

I was not there when you went away. I did not see your last breath. Could not beg you to stay. Unable to deter death. Afterwards I saw you here, Standing at my bedroom door. I would have woken to draw you near, If I knew you were no more. Your ghost haunts my waking […]

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Death Lingers

My hands are stained with treachery. My lips are venom drenched. I practice my dark alchemy, This plague mask hides the stench. Pretty pictures call to thee, You know nothing of my soul. A blinded man who can still see, My attention takes its toll. Free yourself before you waste. Death lingers in my touch […]

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Magic Recipe

I created this magic recipe today to increase prosperity and protection for my family. It is very easy to make, and the kids asked for more! Cook with intention and enjoy! Garlic Chicken and Pasta for Prosperity and Protection! Ingredients: 1 tsp Rosemary: Keeps You Young 1 tsp Thyme: Gives You Courage 1 tsp Basil: […]

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I was lucky enough to spend four amazing days at a mountain cabin near Roaring Gap, North Carolina this week. I had no wifi so there was no blogging for me, which was hard. Overall it was so good for my soul to be there. I didn’t realize what type of person I was until […]

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Death and Rebirth

With Hurricane Irma fast approaching, and getting ready to evacuate tomorrow, I have been very busy with preparation. There was something that needed to be done before I make my way up into the mountains. I’m exploring death and rebirth at the moment. With the autumn equinox approaching on September 21, it is a good […]

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Hurricane Irma

Well, here I am prepping for Hurricane Irma. Don’t worry, I will be evacuating if need be since I live in the Savannah, Georgia area. I already went out and stocked up on hurricane supplies. The devastation of Texas and Hurricane Harvey has weighed terribly on my soul. I cannot even tell you how much […]

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Mad Woman

Do you ever get so angry that you become mad? The repression of your emotions just builds up to a point where the pressure causes an explosion that threatens to damage anyone in the line of fire. There’s so many people I want to take down right now. I have never seemed to fit the […]

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Life Before Birth

The dark feels safe. I can see the stars above me. My eyes have finally opened. I’m warm. Lailah whispers to me. At the end of my journey, I will have to make my decision. I dream and something jolts me awake. My surroundings are trembling and I’m terrified. Lailah tells me to be brave. […]

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DISTURBING, ain’t it..? ?I made this meme after a brief FB encounter with a Luciferian woman concerning, as she worded it, inner shadow work. ?She thanked me, saying that I “got it”. ?I’m glad for that. ?This image is from a scene in one of my favorite stories; but I am…

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