Death Lingers

My hands are stained with treachery. My lips are venom drenched. I practice my dark alchemy, This plague mask hides the stench. Pretty pictures call to thee, You know nothing of my soul. A blinded man who can still see, My attention takes its toll. Free yourself before you waste. Death lingers in my touch […]

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Magic Recipe

I created this magic recipe today to increase prosperity and protection for my family. It is very easy to make, and the kids asked for more! Cook with intention and enjoy! Garlic Chicken and Pasta for Prosperity and Protection! Ingredients: 1 tsp Rosemary: Keeps You Young 1 tsp Thyme: Gives You Courage 1 tsp Basil: […]

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Life Before Birth

The dark feels safe. I can see the stars above me. My eyes have finally opened. I’m warm. Lailah whispers to me. At the end of my journey, I will have to make my decision. I dream and something jolts me awake. My surroundings are trembling and I’m terrified. Lailah tells me to be brave. […]

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African Mermaids: Mondao

Most people have heard tales of mermaids that save sailors from a watery death. Thoughts of Disney mermaids bring happiness and delight. Get your scuba gear, because you’re about to take a swim into the dark side of the ocean. The Earth is made up of eighty percent water and oceans. The ocean is truly […]

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The Darkest Palace

Welcome to the dark palace of my mind creepers. That’s right. I’m putting all of my obscene thoughts into a blog and I’m not ashamed of it. I found that any opinion worth its salt deserves a proper sendoff once thought hits keyboard. Plus, social media freaking triggers me everyday so I have a deep […]

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